We have a secret ingredient.

bottleIt isn’t just that our mission is to be the very best IT consulting service to small and medium businesses. Ten years ago, the company was founded on a concept of innovative customer service. That innovation is made real through our team.

When we hire, we look for a passion for problem-solving and the experience to anticipate technology issues. But by definition, “IT support” is 50% support. So to be hired here, you need to be a “people person.” We spend most of our time working directly with our customers. Communication, responsiveness, and the support of our clients’ business objectives – that’s our secret ingredient.

Let's Work Together.


Patrick Gulbrandson

President & Founder

By 2005, Patrick had had enough of the typical IT experience, and he decided to change it by forming NetLogicDC. His goal: to build a trusted and respected brand with integrity and a strong commitment to clients. His beliefs: be honest, be transparent, and deliver the best service experience every time. Patrick raises the bar for service quality, and he is responsible for the growth and health of the company.

Patrick’s background includes experience in both the real estate and automotive service industries. He is a father, avid car enthusiast, and motorcyclist.

Cina Ketabchi

Director of Operations

Rui Chow

Director of Technical Services

As Director of Technical Services, Rui is responsible for NetLogicDC’s day-to-day technical operations, network architecture and auditing. A transplant from the Hospitality and Financial Services industries, he joined the team in 2010 with a fierce focus on providing technical expertise with white glove service. If Rui had a superpower, he believes that it would be developing people and processes.

As a proud Terrapin, Rui earned his Bachelor of Science in General Business from the University of Maryland, College Park. A self-professed Social Nerd, Rui’s passions include his family, friends, gadgets, video games, and movies.

A proud NetLogicDC management team member since 2008, Cina’s recent initiatives focus around improving our clients’ service experience, infrastructure, and business continuity. He also spearheads internal quality control and business and product development. Cina’s greatest joy is deploying solutions and services that enable our clients to achieve their goals, in line with our philosophy of treating our clients as strategic partners.

Cina holds a Bachelor of Arts in religion and philosophy from New York University. Prior to joining NetLogicDC he spent 8 years in hospitality management in New York City. He is a proud father and avid technology enthusiast, jogger, and baseball fan.