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A team of experts, here to help you with your IT renaissance.

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Entrance to NetLogicDC's old office, circa 2012.

Humble beginnings

We got our start in 2005 — the year that Bill Gates received honorary knighthood, and the first color iPod was released. Back then, we shuffled from houses and business, repairing small networks and constantly learning-by-doing.

Things are different now. You could say we’ve grown up. But, one thing we’ve learned early on has stayed constant because it has worked so well: we treat our clients as long-term partners, becoming part of your team, and invested in your success.

Pictured: An old version of the NetLogicDC logo, at the reception of our second office space.

Founded out of a modest house in Kensington, Maryland.
We rent our first office space. A room on the edge of Bethesda.
We hire our second employee (who is still with us to this day).
Our 10th team member joins NetLogicDC.
Doors open to our third office space — our current one.

Our values

  • Taking care of our people

    We go to great lengths to take care of our team. Our aim is to empower them to achieve their own career aspirations along with our team goals.

  • Provide a positive atmosphere

    We foster an environment of empathy, learning, respect, and thoughtfulness.

  • Transparency

    We provide our clients with an open visibility into our work, and that of their own networks and systems.

  • Fast-paced, detailed-oriented, and adaptable

    Speed is beneficial — both in solving technical problems, as well as growing as a company. Documenting everything we do is crucial for learning and transparency.

Illustration representing NetLogicDC's values.
Patrick Gulbrandson
Patrick Gulbrandson
Founder and CEO
Cina Ketabchi
Cina Ketabchi
Managing Director
Ruichen Chow
Ruichen Chow
Managing Director
Sorry, we don't have any open positions right now.
Illustration of a person looking at many computer monitors.


Various medical, dental, and vision options to choose.

Illustration of two people sitting at a desk, looking at a computer.

Extra cash

Including commuting benefits for non-remote workers, 401k, and bonuses multiple times a year.

Illustration of a person showing off various charts and graphs.

Hardware and software

A bad ass work computer and discounts on hardware for your personal use.

Illustration of a box with many different documents going into it.

Parental leave

So you can appropriately bond with your new offspring.

Illustration of a box with many different documents going into it.


Increasing vacation time based on seniority.

Illustration of a box with many different documents going into it.


We practice what we preach. Many of our positions are available for work-from-home.